Thank you for your interest in MeadowLane's FarmStoriesForKids MP3 Audio Stories. Donna has been telling stories all her life: first as a child to all the farm animals who would listen, then to her own children and later in ministry to children. These stories will be sure to warm your hearts and rekindle your memories.Each one has a lesson with a few questions to initiate 'thinking time' and an activity response.

The story characters display particular character traits similar to that which a child sees emphasized in their school. These traits reflect co-operation, respect for each other, equality, listening, choice, etc. Another word for such character traits would be virtues. The story characters, both in the animal or children's world, confront issues such as bullying, teasing, selfishness, etc. 

Mission for MeadowLane Farm Stories For Kids:
- to provide age-appropriate stories for young children to help them develop character traits such as responsibility, generosity, gratitude and to nurture a healthy respect for self and others. We believe these attributes will strengthen a chlld's mind and nuture his or her God-given spirit. 

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More about Donna Mann and how MeadowLane became an extension of the Grammie Books written over the years for her grandchildren.
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 We are Authors and Narratives who Love Story
Donna established "MeadowLane MP3 stories for Children" as a way to give continued life to the many stories she had written over twenty years for her eleven grandchildren. In the last ten years, she has written stories about the 'real animals, whimsical creatures and loveable kids' in The Meadows.
Dawn-Louise Mann is mother of four children and has told many bedtime stories over the years. Lately, she has begun to put some stories to paper.
Bev is a grandmother and has a love for story. She brings to Meadowlane her experience as a writer, teacher, muscian and homemaker.
Sharon has a golden voice and has captured the attention of audiences with her poetry for many years. Being a primary school teacher before retiring, she brings to MeadowLane a love for children and an awareness of their developmental process.
Vi is a great storyteller. Having five grandchildren, she's had lots of practice. She is often invited to MC for community events and she loves to talk with people in her travel bureau.
Meadowlane recently welcomes Ron to our photowall.. He is president of FBH International - a multi-language internet and radio ministry. He has a ministry of voice in his storytelling.